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Grazing Lands Research Laboratory

Solar Radiation


Li - Cor Pyranometer shown. Long curled-up wire connects to sensor.

The average amount of downwelling global solar radiation received at the station during the last 5 minutes. [Note: The solar radiation sensors were removed from the micronets during December 2008 through March 2009. Archived solar radiation data from the micronets can be downloaded on the Data Request page.

The measurement of solar radiation does not include radiation emitted from the earth or atmosphere. However, the pyranometer will detect solar radiation which is reflected downward in the atmosphere (e.g., by molecules, clouds, etc.). Note that the sensor points upward and thus does not measure solar radiation reflected upward from the ground.

Sensor Used:

Li - Cor Pyranometer

Standard Units:

Watts per square meter


± 5 %